I make two circles, then one more
Touch my nose and then the floor
Here’s the first spell we will try,
Abracadabra! You will fly!

Just two circles in the air
One down here and one up there
Touch your shoulder, then your shoe,
Abracadabra! You turn blue!

I think I know what’s going wrong
So chant with me – sing along!
One, two, three, four circles in the air,
Abracadabra! You’ve got no hair!

Let's hold it together, here we go!
Make big circles, head to toe.
Touch your chin and then your nose,
Abracadabra! And your head grows!

Let's try one more time and see
If a spell will work for me.
Touch your elbow, then your knee,
Abracadabra! You\'re a bumble bee!

The spells don’t work, but we’re OK.
It isn’t real, it’s only play.
We’ve had some fun with our silly game.
Abracadabra! We’re just the same.



Ushbu qo'shiqni "Erkatoy" ilovasi orqali smartfoningizga yuklab oling va tinglang.

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